69X MUSIC was inspired by a street band Mandy Lawrie  watched play on the street in Brighton, UK some years ago. All the members of the band were homeless. 69X raise funds and awareness of homelessness through the art of original Rock music that is 69X MUSIC. 2016-2017: 69X Hosted 25 live music events across the UK raising over 5K for various Homeless charities, the events were supported by Original musicians around the UK devoting their time and talent. This August 2020, we are launching some brand new online shows across all 69X  Channels of which shall focus on Homelessness globally. Watch This Space, BIG 💙 Mandy Lawrie,69X Homeless Project


69XHOMELESS SHOW Featuring Huggard, Cardiff, Wales UK. This is the first of many brand new 69X shows being released by 69X Homeless Project supporting and raising awareness of homelessness globally. In this show we are featuring an incredible homeless charity in Cardiff, Wales

Huggard – Helping the Homeless interview with Tony Feasey, clips
Ross Kemp TV , Sanders Media, The Welsh Rugby Union
To find out more about Huggard visit their official website:
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