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If you like slow to medium-paced, fuzzed out stoner-rock, then Mojo Blizzard is for you. This debut EP has touches of early Sabbath, Candlemass, Clutch and others of that musical genre. The opening piece is a forgettable piece of drudge, but I really like the ever-changing pace that is in ‘Doomsday’. Nicolaj Ruhnow’s vocals are pretty cool; very unique. Nino Hoffmann’s bass carries ‘All Troubles Down’ along and when the rest of the guys join in, they swing like Clutch. ‘Status Unknown’ comes on like very early Sabbath, while the pacey ‘Your Role’ again, is pure Clutch. The title cut reminds me of that great San Fransisco band Orchid (what ever happened to them?. Stoner isn’t really my thing, but ‘Lost In Space II’ is quite good!


MOJO BLIZZARD, because Stoner Rock always has been his inner Homebase

The musical background of each bandmember couldn’t have been more differ. At the frontline, singer Nicolaj Ruhnow who was getting into the biz with bands like TOKYO BLADE, DOMAIN, IRONY and NICK HELLFORT on vocals. His longtime fellow Denis Keller on guitar, who’s mainly creating the musical style of MOJO BLIZZARD, because Stoner Rock always have been his inner homebase. Completed with Nino Hofmann on bass, Frank Hallok on guitar as well and Mauro Welfens on drums, MOJO BLIZZARD unfold their immense potential.

Style & Attitude:

Of course, c-tuning is definitely the core of our style. Fuzz-Sounds, spacy Flange-Effects, and distorted metal-like soli-sounds as it’s best. Bass and drums building an inseparable unit, a driving force. The versatile and intensive drumming is leaving enough space for each instrument. On top, very expressive vocals: falsetto, belting, grunting raspy parts as well as some soft and light tender moments with tons of feeling inside. An evil combination of Black Sabbath meets Pinks Floyd meets QOTSA, meets Iron Maiden, meets Candlemass? Definition: impossible! it’s just MOJO BLIZZARD. Yes we know, it’s a thin line between self-confidence and cockiness,.. but hey, we give a fuck! It’s Rock’n’Roll!


From 2018 till 2019 we worked off our arses for a perfect live-set. All songs have been created within a democratic five piece collective. We putted all our efforts into the songs, pushed all egos aside and so it took us only one year to write ten amazing and unique tracks. As MOJO BLIZZARD we entered the stage the first time in autumn 2019. Straight after our first stunning live-experience in a sold-out venue, we decided to enter the recording studio „Abenteuerland“ to record our first masterpiece „LOST IN SPACE II“ in an absolute live-manner. In the meanwhile tons of venues called up because they wanted us, us MOJO BLIZZARD *shrinnng*! Things turned out fantastic, without desperate pushing. We signed a record-deal with Bluebird Records and Radar Music in February 2020, we have been nominated to present our live-recorded video at the London Video Award in 2020, from out of the blue we get our first recognition from the UK music-press,.. for whatever strange reason. Guess we’re the good ones, aren’t we?! *irony* Anyway, it doesn’t matter if COVID-19 is trying to fuck us, as we will never give up, this is our life!

Vocals – Nicolaj Ruhnow, Bass – Nino Hofmann, Guitar – Dennis Keller, Guitar – Frank Hallok, Drums – Mauro Welfens, Livemix – Firts van Stralen, Livemix – Sven O Burkard, Merch – Sabine Verheyden, Kimberley de Schutter

Deaf Autumn - A Reason To Stay - live at OpenDoors for Music Off community

Deaf Autumn is a band founded in Italy during fall 2013. Three old friends and musicians gathered to a power trio of post-hardcore music with a lot of rock, nu metal, and punk influences. In the beginning, the band was established by two singers Davide Ricci (guitars and vocals) and Davide Torti (bass and vocals, screams and growls) before Davide Ciccarelli (drums), a talented young drummer, joined the band. Deaf Autumn easily wrote six songs in just a few rehearsal sessions and two weeks later they already played shows in their hometown which made a lot of people curious about the newborn project. In June 2014 the band entered the studio to start recording four songs. After that, they went straight on to shoot a video for their first single „Get Inside Of Me“ which was launched in October 2014. Right now the video clip has reached 10K views and is still collecting hundreds of views on Youtube. The band finally signed to a label, which let them shoot a second official video on the song “WOULD YOU?” and complete a full-length album. The label is THIS IS CORE and the debut album “WHAT WAS TO BE KNOWN” was released on June 23rd. (Red Music Distribution).

The band entered the recording studio (Squaring the Circle studio, Arnara -FR- Italy) in 2017 and started burning a brand new album. In September 2017 there was a lineup change, swapping the drummer from Daveide Ciccarelli to Antonio Paliotta and adding a

new guitar player, Alessio Scala. The new lineup is officially showed through a new song/video “A Thousand Broken Hearts” which announces the upcoming album. This Is Core label renewed trust in the band and signs again to release the second full work.

“THE SHAPE” is the title of the album and it has been released in January 12th on Spotify and all digital stores.

After a live tour promotion in their home country Italy, the band takes off to Russia for their very first international experience, making almost all sold-out shows in 11 venues. The band got signed by Hero Booking Agency right after this.

Subsequently, the band, concluded the contract with This Is Core records, embarked on the path of being independent which occurs to be the most prolific ever. Together with the new line-up, the band enters the Fusix Studio in Settimo Torinese (TO) to start recording a series of singles that determine a qualitative leap both in terms of songwriting and production. It comes out of songs like “Death Stranding”, “A Reason To Stay” and “Same Old Shit” which are greatly appreciated by the public, accompanied by their official videos.


“Would you?” is the second single taken from debut album “What was to be known” previously released by This Is Core records. Stream it on Spotify, Itunes and more.


After some live around Italy, the band also disconnects from Hero Booking and continues to manage their concerts independently.
In the Covid-19 lockdown period, the band continues to produce music, thanks to the remote help of Fusix Studio, the band publishes the song “Embrace” dedicated precisely to the emergency situation, with an official video on the Youtube channel.

The latest single released by the band is “Let it Out”, alongside its official video shot and directed by Giorgio Gerardi, yet a solid coworker for the band about video production.

Currently, the band is back to work on new songs to be released in Winter / Spring 2021.

Belfast Based Band 'Delusional Silence' Hitting Airwaves Across the UK

The band met in the communal area of A local psych ward. After becoming sick of the modern world and the noise that was being spewed out of the radio these days, the 5 lads fell into a deep delusional state. Currently, on the loose around Belfast


Exposing Shadows Photography
“Delusional Silence hit the stage slightly earlier than expected catching punters at the bar unaware, soon the front of the stage fills up as the dueling guitars and wailing vocals carry across the room, old school Metal is the name of the game here with bitchin riffs and harmonizing guitar work. Vocalist Phil Ashe has taken his place up front and center and without the distraction of playing and singing, so he can put 100% into his own performance which in-kind lifts the others, overall you can tell how this has solidified their sound. Another band who have been clocking up the miles gigging for their lives locally earning their stripes and building up a fan base, blistering guitar work, songs with big hooks Delusional Silence have raised their game for 2020”

'1000 yard stare' AVAILABLE ON below


In Joe’s words: “…this time last month”    I celebrated another Earth rotation by releasing, a new music video ‘Time Slips’ …busy beavering away in the video edit room, aka my studio, aka my bedroom, after hundreds of video editing hours, feeling all shades of creatively cabin feverish! I challenged myself to release five brand new music videos. All videos were edited & produced using various footages, from live gigs to Amsterdam zoo, boating on the Thames and Oslo port, Icelandic sceneries, and the rural French countryside, alongside a plethora of new fx to play within the Power director suite.  

Perhaps because I’m a bit of a Luni.   As it was the three-year anniversary of my debut album release ‘When I’m Lost in Music I am Found’ why not (finally) release some singles from the album.  I decided to release five music videos at the start of every week throughout February, starting on 2nd February, until 1st March 2021.  

   “Alright alright Joe, well done…but how can I help?”I want to thank you whole-heartedly for your continued support

It would be real schweet if you would watch my music videos,

perhaps share with your network of amigo’s and subscribe to my YouTube channel (“,) This is how you can continue to support artists from the comfort of your homes

and we WILL all be back singing/dancing/moshing/gigging together again someday soon  “So what now Joe?” Now that project I have completed the video project, I am excited to be able to get back to song-crafting, riffing, alongside writing a new batch of inspired songs… With a big announcement coming next month, detailing more about some of the shenanigans I have been getting up to during lockdown


‘Time Slips’ Released on 1st March 2021 (my 38th birthday)
Footage from some of the ace gigs I have played, showcasing several
of the incredible musicians that I have had the privilege
of working with over the last 7 years.

‘When I’m Lost in Music i am found ’

Released on 2nd February 2021
Taken from a photo shoot for my debut album turned into a video
T’was a cold January afternoon in 2018 at Colley Hill, Surrey Hills.
Snaps taken by John Vince & Stephanie Jayne

‘Infinity’ Rereleased on 8th February 2021

Filmed mostly last year, whilst in lock-down

in the French countryside – Parc du Perche, northern France.

‘AXIOM’ Released on 17th February 2021
For lovers of animals… I really enjoyed putting this one together, animals that I have filmed over several years, with footages from our beautiful natural world, Amsterdam zoo, my sweet dogs Dylan and Tandy, friends pets and the star of the show, lil’ French kitty ‘Chipette’
‘The Beginning is Near’  Released on 25th February 2021
Nautical themed video, containing footages of sailing on a boat
on the Thames estuary near Guildford, the docks of Oslo,
a Parisian Aquarium and The London science museum.




Vorstellan „Encephalon“ Release date: May 8th, 2020 Label: unsigned Genre: alternative rock/post-grunge

Depression is a topic that is still unpopularly addressed in our modern world. „Encephalon“ (Greek: brain) should change that. This album is meant to give courage to people who are in a crisis and feel bad. The drive to get up again and give them confidence that they are not alone.  Frontman Jacob Knight has been fighting these demons for years and has put his experiences into songs. The debut album of the two man combo from the UK (Jacob Knight, (vocals, guitar) Matty Donaldson (drums, percussion)) contains nine songs about love, pain, destruction, and mental health. After their first two singles Novocaine and „Home feat. Sam Graves“ the release of their first album follows in 2020. „Monster“ is the first song to be released with hard and howling guitars, while Jacob Knight’s voice sounds soft and fragile. You can literally hear his suffering in his voice, as if he was reliving his memories with every note. „Novocaine“ is about a love that has passed and an attempt to numb the heartbreak.  (There were no drugs consumed in the original story) „Home“ feat. Sam Graves starts with concisely base-drum interludes and heavy distorted guitar sound. The chorus „Cause I’m all alone, In this place, we call our home, nowhere to go, no love to show“ stays long in the memory and ear after listening. „Encephalon“ was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Sam Graves and Joe Graves at „Innersound Audio Studios“ (York, UK).  And that’s how Sam Graves ended up on the track „Home“. Jacob Knight: Matt & I were listening to the songs that Sam had sung on with his previous projects and we instantly felt like his vocals would work for the song „Home“ so we asked if he wouldn’t mind singing the second pre-chorus and he made the song ten times better.“ „My Disaster“ fascinates with fast, experimental riffs and the partly breathing, pleading vocals of Jacob Knight, but then changes again to expressive, powerful parts. The „Vorstellan“ debut is able to do a great balancing act between fragile and hard and at the same time every listener can use the music as his or her vent to let go of their own frustration. It’s finally time that mental health can be discussed openly without being condemned or excluded. Christina Angrabeit




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